Who, what?

The Site

How To Invest for Beginners is a website that teaches investing to ordinary people. Thus using Tagalog as a way to communicate ideas instead of a more professional English language. It helps me communicate ideas better and people absorb it better.

About the Creator

You can only know him by the name Wayne. He is the creator of How to Invest for Beginners. He is also the creator of 2 YouTube channels: How to Invest for Beginners and Investing Philippines.

He used to be a Programmer but quit his job in 2008 to pursue business. Then he discovered investing and never looked back since. Today, investing is his full time job. Though, he never consider it a job. He uses his own money to invest in the stock market, providing for his family since leaving the workforce in 2008.

He wants to teach what he knows about investing. Accumulated knowledge from years of experience investing his own money. Because he thinks, ordinary people deserve a better future for working hard be it an OFW or an employee.


To help ordinary people understand investing. Teach them how to manage their own money.


Where most Filipinos are intelligent investors.