Beginner's Guide to Investing

"Thank you for this course. I now know how to invest my money on my own."
Jane Santos - Manila

"Parang nagkukwentuhan lang tayo. Salamat Sir Wayne."
Renan - Japan


It can be intimidating to start investing. You can spend time learning on your own and still not be successful. You can lose money while still being unaware of the strategies of successful investing. This course introduces you to different kinds of investments. Explaining in simple terms the most important parts, saving you time and money. And all the while learn how to spot opportunities.

Course outline

  1. Introduction
  2. The Value of Money
  3. Compounding Your Money
  4. 3 Kinds of Assets
  5. Stocks: How the Stock Market Works?
  6. Guide: How to Invest in Stocks
  7. Bonds: What are Bonds?
  8. Guide: How to Invest in Bonds
  9. Mutual Funds: What are Mutual Funds?
  10. Guide: How to Invest in Mutual Funds?
  11. Analyzing VUL Insurance Proposals
  12. Insurance and VUL Investing
  13. ETF: What is an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
  14. Guide: How to Invest in ETF?
  15. Index Investing
  16. Guide: How to Invest in an Index Fund?
  17. Strategies for Growing Your Wealth over the Long Term
  18. What is the Best Investment?