paano mag-invest sa stocks?

how to earn passive income, grow your money
& retire early by investing in stocks

Hello kabayan! I'm Wayne

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Employees, OFWs and retirees usually do not know how to manage their money. So they scramble for information and guidance when its already too late. They are already old or they have bought into a wrong investment.

This course and membership is a collection of simple education when it comes to handling your money and making it grow. Its also a family, where we share and guide each other on our financial journey.

If you ever wonder "paano nga ba mag-invest?" join us now and discover how simple it can be.


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F.U. Money

"A Guide to Financial Freedom" Course (P5,735 value)

Most retirees do not know if they can survive retirement. Most employees and OFWs do not know when, and how to retire. If you are in the same predicament, this course will explain to you the theory of retirement and early retirement.

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Beginner's Guide to Investing

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Index Funds (P10,728 value)

It can be intimidating to start investing. You can spend time learning on your own and still not be successful. You can lose money while still being unaware of the strategies of successful investing. This course introduces you to different kinds of investments. Explaining in simple terms the most important parts, saving you time and money. And all the while learn how to spot opportunities.

"Thank you for this course. I now know how to invest my money on my own." - Jane Santos, Manila

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Fundamental Analysis

How to Invest in High Quality Companies (P16,378 value)

About 90% of professionals can not beat the index. So why bother with analysis? The reason is because an individual investor have a big advantage over the professionals. You just have to know what that is, and how to exploit it. And in this course, you will learn how to beat the index using fundamental analysis and blow the professionals out of the water.

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The Passive Investor

A Guide to Dividend Income Investing (P12,499 value)

`The fastest way to get rich, is to get rich slowly` - Warren Buffett

Travel the world, pursue your childhood passions, spend time with the family, retire early, or come back home to you loved ones. This is not possible with an active income from a job. You need to know where to put the money so that money can work for you, giving you passive income.

This course will teach you how to do just that. Start building you passive income today, start learning how.

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Exclusive Community

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We learn together and we profit together.

Investing can be intimidating. You need a person to guide you.. Or better... a group of people who could guide you and share the investing journey with. Being a VIP member allows you to join an exclusive community of investors, where you can learn and ask guidance, each of them with varying levels of experience.

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For only P5,000 you will have unlimited access to all the video courses and training modules. You can watch them and learn investing at your own pace. If you feel you did not learn anything of quality and value, you are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee and is eligle to ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

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I know that this course is not for everybody. Make sure you read everything below and decide if this is really for you.

  • Yes, I am aware that this is an educational investment worth P5,000 and I'm going to have access to all the videos inside the website, plus all the videos to be created in the future.
  • Yes, I know that I will learn how to build wealth the right way.
  • Yes, I am aware that I will learn how to build a passive income.
  • Yes, I am aware that I will only pay the amount of membership (P5,000) only once. Meaning, no more monthly payments. I pay one time payment.
  • Yes, I know that I'll join a private community of investors where I can learn more, share experiences and connect with like minded individuals.
  • Yes, I want to build a bright future for my family by starting today, by learning how to manage my money better for the future of my kids and family.
  • And finally, To achieve my financial goals, I am willing to work hard, study the course hard and take action by educating myself through this course.

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